Charitable Retailers              

Thank you Charitable Retailers...

Holy Spirits works with Retailers in local areas to provide Holy Spirits wines at a discount to local charities and non-profits.  

                                                                        ... for joining us in our mission.

Because states and local municipalities have varying laws and regulations regarding wine sales, it is up to the local retailer to work with you to provide wine for smaller events.  If you have the proper licensing, you may purchase wine directly from our distributor.  We have distributors in areas indicated on our store locator page.

For a list of Charitable Retailers in your area, please click below.  The store locator page will open in a new window, where you can select by states where Holy Spirits is for sale in local retail stores.  Charitable Retailers are noted on the list of retailers.

If you are a retailer in areas where Holy Spirits has distribution established, and would like to become a Holy Spirits Charitable Retailer, please CONTACT US

                                       HOLY SPIRITS STORE LOCATOR PAGE