School Fundraising                


Incorporating Holy Spirits Wines into your event is a GREAT AND EASY way to enhance existing School fundraisers for adults such as Festivals, Dinners, Art Fairs, and Silent Auctions… OR create a whole new fundraising event around Holy Spirits Wines, such as a Wine Tasting or Tapas Wine Dinner. Include Holy Spirits seasonings specially made to complement our wines… along with our spices, meat rubs, marinades and mixes!

                               …WHILE RAISING MONEY FOR YOUR SCHOOL

ENHANCE your existing events with Holy Spirits Wine!
Many school fundraisers are geared towards adults...  Fundraising dinners and dances, department  fundraisers, such as Music Departments or Booster Clubs for Athletics, are just a few examples.  Incorporating Holy Spirits wines into these School fundraisers is a unique and interesting, as well as tasty, way to raise funds and increase response rates for your events!

School Festivals, Picnics & Fairs
Offering Holy Spirits wines for sale by the glass adds an additional way to raise money to your festival or picnic. Our Holy Spirits spices, meat rubs, marinades, and mixes are great products for raising funds at your School Art Fairs and bake sales!

School Fundraising Dinners, Reunions, Alumni Dinners
Enhance your School Dinners, Reunions, and Alumni Dinners, with a Holy Spirits wine tasting. With wine’s ever increasing popularity, Holy Spirits adds a special touch to your event. For raising funds, make the wines available for purchase by the glass. Connect with one of our local charitable retailers to sell wine by the bottle or case.

The unique wine labels featuring the Saints along with the stories of the Saints lives on the back of the label lead to interesting and RELEVANT dinner conversations. Displaying and serving the wines as your table wine at any church dinner, whether a fundraiser or not, leads to a greater awareness of the Saints…  

        What is Joan of Arc the patron saint of? 

        Who saved Saint Rocco when he was afflicted with the plague? 

        How did the tradition of Saint Nick bringing nuts and fruits to children originate?

Make a Holy Spirits wine themed gift basket for a unique, interesting and relevant auction item! (Holy Spirits provides the wine, you make the basket). 

        A dog-themed basket featuring St. Rocco wine 

        A Christmas basket with a bottle of St. Nick wine 

        A St. Michael wine basket honoring our police men and women

Feature Holy Spirits wines for Special or Seasonal Events your School has already planned! 

        St. Valentine wine at your Valentine’s Dinner Dance 

        St. Francis of Assisi wine at your Harvest Moon Dance or Thanksgiving Dinner 

        St. Nick wine and Our Lady of Mount Carmel wine at your Christmas Dinner

Create NEW fundraising and social events with a Holy Spirits Wine Fundraiser or SERIES of Events!
Wine tastings and events have become extremely popular. Wine’s popularity has increased dramatically in the past 10 years, partly due to the government’s acknowledgment of the health benefits of wine. Wine has been popular among the 40 plus age group, but the 20 plus crowd is now endorsing wine and is the quickest growing wine sipping demographic. Take advantage of wine’s ever increasing popularity as an opportunity to have a wine tasting fundraiser or series of wine tasting fundraisers for your school!


Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and All Saints Day, are all GREAT times to host a Holy Spirits wine tasting!

RAISE MONEY FOR INDIVIDUALS OR FAMILIES IN NEED with a Holy Spirits wine event.  There are many times when a member of your school may need help.  A Holy Spirits wine event is a great way to raise money for those stricken with a life-threatening disease or other great need.

HONOR THE POLICE MEN & WOMEN in your community and alumni with a wine dinner featuring Saint Michael (the patron saint of policemen).

HONOR YOUR VETERANS AND MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES in your community and alumni with a wine tasting or dinner featuring Joan of Arc wine (the patron saint of soldiers).

HOST A PET BLESSING featuring for sale St. Rocco wine (the patron saint of dogs) and St. Francis of Assisi wine (the patron saint of animals, birds and zoos).  As a special touch, order St. Rocco and St. Francis of Assisi medals from our Holy Spirits store to hand out to all the dog and cat owners at your event.  Have your parish priest bless the medals before handing them out!

CHRISTMAS IDEAS... Offering for sale Holy Spirits Wines, by the bottle or case, is a great way to raise funds for your School at Christmas time. With the unique and beautiful labels, Holy Spirits Wines, such as the St. Nick wine, or Our Lady of Mount Carmel wine, with Mary holding the Christ Child, make for GREAT Christmas gifts! Add a gift wrapping service as a convenience and an additional means of raising funds. Involve the children of your school by letting them make decorations for your event.

Take pictures at your event and send them to us... we’ll post them in our Holy Spirits Photo Gallery. Your guests will enjoy lasting memories of your event!

LICENSING AND LAWS: Each State has differing laws on the sales and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Many local municipalities also have differing laws and licensing regulations. Be sure to check compliance with all local laws and licensing requirements. You can typically work with your local charitable retailer, the venue where you are holding the event, or our local distributor to ensure compliance. Holy Spirits, LLC is in no way responsible for ensuring you are in compliance with local, state or federal laws for your event.

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