Wine Event Organization              

An Organizational Guide…

Hosting a Holy Spirits wine fundraiser is a different twist on the usual fundraiser.  There are countless resources with ideas and guidelines on how to hold a wine tasting or wine dinner paired with food.  We’ve condensed some general information for you as a guideline to hosting a successful wine event! 

                                                                 … to hosting a successful event!

If you’re a non-profit, you have this part figured out!  And if you don’t already have a favorite cause in mind, here are a few suggestions: 

  • Your Church or School
  • A walk, run or bike team raising money for charity
  • Individuals or families Coping with the Cost of Fighting Cancer or other life-threatening diseases or other tragic hardship
  • Animal Rescues, Shelters, and Humane Societies
  • The Arts in Your Community
  • Disabled Veterans
  • Disaster Relief
  • Food Banks or Pantries
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Non-Profit Elderly Day Care Centers


  • Wine Pouring – A Social or Dinner.
  • Wine Tasting – At an existing event or on its own.
  • Bottle Sale
  • Basket Sale  

See our Wine Fundraising Events page for ideas on selecting the right event for your cause!

Choose a date that will not interfere with other large events in your area that might affect the attendance at your party.  Consider the time of year, possible weather impairment, etc.  Check venues for availability if you are having it at an outside facility.

Planning a larger fundraising event can be time-consuming, depending on the type of event you choose to have.  Forming a committee to assist in the planning and preparation of the event can make it easier.  Delegate different responsibilities for each part of your event, such as:

Venue & Licensing - Search out & obtain the venue & proper licensing

Publicizing & Ticket Sales – Preparation of flyers, newspaper ads, media announcements, email notices, etc.  

Decorating & Music – Search for appropriate Band, Jazz Quartet, or DJ.  If this is not possible or out of your budget, set up equipment to play music appropriate to your event.

Fundraising Activities – Gather ideas, in addition to the Holy Spirits’ wine pouring, to make money for your event.  (NOTE:  Refer to the “Fundraising Activities Page” for ideas.)  This person or persons would be responsible for implementing these fundraising projects, gathering items from individuals and businesses for the baskets or auction items, and staffing the raffle, wine pull, or auction the night of the event.

Money & Accounting - collecting and safeguarding monies at your event.

Check with your local municipality regarding the type of license you need to hold a wine party.  If your organization does not have a liquor license or beer and wine license, most municipalities will issue a temporary permit for your event if you are a non-profit organization.    Alternatively, find a retailer, restaurant or banquet hall that has the proper licensing.  Make sure this retailer is in agreement that a part of the profits will go to your organization or charity.  Some may request a portion of profits from wine sales.  

Find a suitable place to hold your wine fundraiser, such as a reception hall, church reception hall, school gym, municipal hall, or a scenic outdoor setting.  Be sure to inform the facility up front that you are planning to serve wine and want to profit from the sales as part of your fundraising event.

  • If you choose an outdoor setting, make sure to have covered areas or an alternate site in case of rain. 
  • Consider the size of the event, parking availability, and ease in getting to the venue. 
  • For larger events, provide valet parking services for the convenience of your guests and to raise a few extra dollars. 
  • If your location is not well-known, provide a map and directions on your flyers or on the advance tickets sold.  

Allow sufficient time when planning your event to successfully organize and publicize your fundraiser event.  Prepare materials announcing your event for distribution to your contact lists or around your city or town.  


  • Include directions & a map to the venue on your invite, along with a “contact” telephone # or email address for people who have questions regarding your event.
  • Partner with some of your local businesses, such as grocery stores, retail stores, and banks, for advance sales of your tickets. 
  • Offer a discount for advance sales of tickets. 
  • Email invitations and social media sites are a great way to get the word out.  


Decorations and lighting can create the perfect mood for your wine event.  A bottle of Holy Spirits Wine makes for a great table centerpiece, especially when matching the label to the occasion, such as St. Nick for the Christmas Holidays, St. Valentine for a Valentine’s party, St. Patrick for St. Patrick’s Day, etc.  For a special touch, make the bottle into a centerpiece by  adding a bow to the bottle or fruit, nuts & candies around a St. Nick bottle, cutout hearts around a St. Valentine bottle and cutout shamrocks around a St. Patrick’s bottle.   Add some music to spice things up... A live band Band, String Quartet or Jazz Group adds some great ambiance to any event. 

Add some fun activities to your event to help raise additional funds.  See our Fundraising Activities page for ideas!  

Always have at least 2 people counting the monies to assure accuracy.  Have volunteers picking up monies from the various areas during the evening, such that there is never a large amount of money in the various cash boxes out at the event.   


  • Make arrangements to deposit the funds received in a night depository at your local bank.
  • Cash boxes should contain ample change.