Wine Fundraising Events             


There are many ways to incorporate Holy Spirits wines into your event… OR create a whole new fundraising event for YOUR cause.   

                                                                              …For YOUR cause!

Choose the right type of event for YOUR GOALS!  Selling wine by the glass offers the greatest margin per glass sold for your cause, while selling Holy Spirits by the bottle is a great add-on to an existing event or for organizations such as churches.  And... it is simple to coordinate with our local distributor or charitable retailer!

** Check compliance with your local and state regulations and laws regarding alcohol sales.


Bottle Sales are good for bigger groups or events or seasonal fundraisers for Churches and schools, especially around Religious Holidays.  It also works well as an add-on to events where you are selling by the glass.

Event Bottle Sale
Bottle sales are most lucrative at events attended by larger amounts of people.  Wine Tastings, Dinners, Festivals, and in conjunction with other existing events like auctions, dinners, and other existing functions a bottle sale allows you to raise more money for your cause with minimal effort. 

                                    Event Bottle Sale Guidelines & Tips

Organization Bottle Sale
It works well for Churches and Schools to sponsor seasonal Holy Spirits bottle sales.  If you have access to a large network of people, willing to support your cause, consider having a bottle sale.  It works great centered around Religious Holidays such as Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving.  Saints’ Feast Days, such as St. Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. is also a GREAT time to hold a bottle sale!

                                    Organization Bottle Sale Guidelines & Tips


Holy Spirits makes it easy to raise funds by assembling gift baskets and is a fun activity for organization volunteer groups! 

The wine basket sale is organized much like the bottle sale, but instead of just offering wine by the bottle, offer themed baskets for sale featuring Holy Spirits wines and accessories.  Accessorize the baskets with food, snacks or other items.

                                     Wine Basket Sale Guidelines & Tips


Wine tastings are great at existing events such as silent auctions and dinners or to promote upcoming events like bottle sales and basket sales, or just for gaining exposure for your cause.  And… it is simple to do.  You’re a charity so charging for a sample is ok!

                                    Wine Tasting Guidelines & Tips


A wine pouring event is a great way to raise money for any charitable cause.  There are many ways to make a successful event for large and small groups alike.

                                     Wine Pouring Event Guidelines & Tips

Hors D ’Oeuvres Social

If you want to have a more informal social event, serve an array of appetizers along with wine.  Charge an entry fee to cover the food, venue and entertainment, along with a ticket for one glass of wine.  Consider having a wine sampling table where guests can sample each varietal, and charge or take donations for the sampling of each or all the different types of wines.  Charge by the glass for additional wine served.

This type of event is great with music and other activities.  See our Fundraising Activities page for some ideas to enhance your event!

Wine Dinner
Wine Dinners are great for large groups, and equally great for smaller groups or even in-home charity fundraising.

Select an array of the Holy Spirits Wines to serve to your guests that will complement the dinner entrée and/or dinner courses.  It is suggested you charge a ticket price that will include the food and 2-3 small glasses of wine.  Thereafter charge per glass of regulation sized wine served.   Pair different wines with appetizers, the main course and dessert!

See our Wine and Food Pairing Page for menu ideas!

Wine Tapas Dinner
A wine TAPAS Dinner is essentially the same as a wine dinner, but several small portion entre's are prepared and served, one to complement each type of wine you are featuring. 

MORE GREAT TIPS… No matter which event you choose!

  1. Wine consumed by itself tastes different than wine served with food, as wine acts on food in a way similar to the way a spice acts on food.  The Tannins, sugars and acids in the wine will interact with the food to bring out different taste sensations.
  2. Chill white wines at least 2 hours before the event.  Keep the bottles chilled between servings.
  3. Open red wines approximately ½ hour before the wine pouring, to allow the wine to breath.
  4. Control your serving size for each glass or sample.  For glasses, use a 4-5oz serving.  Pouring wine from a wine carafe can measure the exact serving size and also allows the wine to breathe, enhancing the flavors.  Be sure to get at least 5 servings per bottle of wine by the glass.
  5. When determining your Entry Fee, Ticket Price, or Sampling Fee, keep in mind that this is a Fundraiser.  Most people do not mind paying a little more for wine and food for a great cause!